Kechara Paradise

Dear Tsem Tulku and Kechara House,
I can’t be a Buddhist anymore. When I see a Buddha statue I think of you and it disgusts me. You’re a liar Tsem Tulku. And what’s worse is you dragged me into it. I worked at Kechara Paradise. I collected donations for Gaden Shartse. I told people Kechara House was a branch of Gaden Shartse and their money would go there. I told people these things because I thought it was true.

You lied to me Tsem Tulku. You lied to me Kechara House.
I helped you commit charity fraud and that crime keeps me awake at night because I’m afraid of the day when the donors sue and I’m called to testify. I’m so afraid that I’m going to help anyone involved in any lawsuit against you to show I’m innocent. I still have pictures on my phone proving you committed massive fraud against Gaden Shartse. I’ve sent them to countless people for backup.

You destroyed my faith and ruined my reputation Tsem Tulku and now the truth is coming out to destroy Kechara House and everyone that tries to defend it.


Rest in Peace Justin Ripley

You killed him.

when you and your inner circle decided to turn on Justin and deny him sleep, you killed him.
When you and others in Kechara House ignored him when he said he felt something was wrong with his heart, you killed him.
When you were told Justin collapsed and you kept him from a doctor until it was clear he was dead, you killed him.

After Justin Ripley died you made sure there was no meaningful investigation.
You manipulated his family into not investigating his death and lied about what happened.
“It’s not important how he died. It’s not important how he died.”

You regularly gloated at your ability to subjugate/manipulate.

Justin was my friend.
Your cult paralyzed me. I couldn’t help him because my head was filled with your nonsense.
Karma, spirits, black magic, breaking samaya, they are just lies to defend your actions.
I should have quit on the spot and taken him to a doctor. When I heard you had Justin come back, before he had seen a doctor, I knew I could never trust you again.

You’re a murderer Tsem.